Protection, strategy, and defense of the company

Our firm is able to detect possible contingencies that may arise and prevent them in an accurate, efficient and timely manner, from the execution of legal acts to their development and evolution. We prioritize information as the key to making reasoned decisions and avoiding short, medium, and long term consequences, thus preventing companies’ business from being put at risk, while maintaining and ensuring stability and continuity.

We implement surveillance mechanisms and due compliance primarily in medium-sized companies whose activities must comply with special laws such as medical and financial ones.

The personalization of the services we provide and the trust of our clients for proper communication under strict confidentiality are the guiding principle of the services we provide to understand the risks that companies can take and those risks that are not viable. We provide options and explain the implications in each particular case.

Services for the prevention of legal risks

Corporate Law Articles

Publication of Federal Law in the Mexican Republic The General Law of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

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International trade continues to evolve to favor the presence of companies in foreign markets, either to

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