Legal Services for National and Foreign Companies

We have the necessary experience to assist our clients before, during and after the formation of their companies, complying with current legal provisions and particularly according to the regulation of the activity they develop, we also provide legal assistance to establish legal mechanisms that regulate the legal relationships within the company between the partners or shareholders both in the Meetings and in the development of the company’s business, in the same way we provide legal assistance in the sessions of the Board of Directors actively participating in the consultations, opinions, advice and projections of the company, based on Federal and State Laws, International Treaties and applicable judicial interpretations in a practical and precise way.

The firm has participated in complex and important transactions, we assist our clients in negotiations in person or remotely, providing the best applicable options for the benefit of our clients, we propose the optimal resources and tools to achieve the best agreements in transactions, in addition We elaborate and prepare the necessary legal instruments to provide legal certainty and enforce the agreements between the parties.

Corporate Law Services

Preparatory Agreements

Incorporation of Commercial Companies and opening of negotiations.

Incorporation of Commercial Companies

Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Company and Investment Promotion Company, among others).

Stock Certificates

Sales, Issuance, Cancellation and Guarantees.

Assembly of Shareholders and Sessions of the Board of Directors

Preparation and Preparation of their corresponding Minute Books, Maintenance and Custody of Corporate Books (Capital Variations, Register of Shareholders, Minutes of Assemblies and Boards of Directors).

Commercial Contract Negotiations

Joint Venture Agreements, Co-investment Agreements and Strategic Alliance Agreements.

Corporate Law Articles

Publication of Federal Law in the Mexican Republic The General Law of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

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International trade continues to evolve to favor the presence of companies in foreign markets, either to

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