Structures and application of Standards and practices
of structures and processes for due compliance

We elaborate and draw up legal principles, rules and procedures based on the most effective international criteria and policies to structure the operation and relationship between the governing bodies of the companies and optimally facilitate and streamline communication and the fulfillment of obligations between the Shareholder’s Meetings and the Board of Directors. We apply control mechanisms for the faithful and correct performance of the management and the implementation of strategic business plans.

Our firm coordinates the duties of the secretary of the Board of Directors preparing meetings of council sessions and Shareholder’s Meetings, as well as the issuance of provisional certificates of shares, recording in the corresponding corporate books all the corporate movements of the companies to give our clients the capital gain. Of its businesses and complying with the provisions established in the Mexican laws and regulations on the matter to operate legally, thus avoiding fines and sanctions.

The proper application of legal measures provide companies with the necessary stability for future investments and share successions, guaranteeing the permanence and prosperity of their businesses.


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